Dizzy and sick...

Hey ladies. Well I am 8+1 and I keep feeling dizzy and nauseous like I want to be sick. I have a 7 month old daughter and I dont remember being like this with her. I know its not ectopic as I had a scan on Monday and I saw the HB. Is it normal to feel like this? I had a really easy pregnancy with my daughter, apart from the last three weeks. This pregnancy has been troubled from the beginning with a hematoma and oddly (kidney bean) shaped gestational sac. I guess Im worrying, hopefully over nothing.x


  • Hi I feel like this a lot too and I'm 10+1. I'm sure this is normal (well I hope so). I wouldn't get worried that you didn't feel it with your daughter because every pregnancy can be different.



  • I am now 15+1 and I was feeling nauseous every day for the first three months or so, also ocasionally had dizzy spells so bad I thought I would faint, though that only happened a few times. It sounds fine to me hun, normal even. image
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