4d, what an experience

i had my 4d scan on saturday and it was worth every penny!

me my hubby and my parents went to get it done and i loved it, it was so lovely to share the experience with them. we had it confirmed that its a baby girl (been told at 20 week scan too) and she is beautiful, a little button nose and bow shape lips and chubby cheeks , i just love her! image

cant stop looking at the photos.

if anyone is considering this you must do it!



  • how lovely! We are having ours done on 1st April cant wait!!!!!
  • kell put the photos up would love to have a look at your little bundle of joy! x
  • So pleased for you Kell
    Yes please post pics would love to see her.
    Em x
  • Kell2, we are booked in for a 4d scan on 14th april and hope it will be worth every penny ..... we want to keep the sex a secret but do you think it will be obvious from a 4d scan ?
  • it is worth every penny I agree!
    We didn't want to find out the sex but she said that she couldn't gtee we wouldn't see something.
    We took the chance - we didn't notice at the scan but watching the dvd later, I noticed something and said to my hubby - I think I know what it is - he said so do I - it was sooo clear when he stretched his wee legs up - you could see everything - its a boy! We actually went back to try to get clearer pictures a 2nd time ( all included) and she confirmed it was a boy.
    I wouldn't change anything tho - I didn't think I would feel like this, but I'm glad I know now - it has really helped me to bond with my gorgeous baby boy - specially seeing as I'm having a miserable time with SPD.

    Good luck Mootsie and congratulations Kell2

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