Clear BLue Fertility Monitor !!

Hi Girls,

Sorry to butt in here as I'm not actually pregnant (yet but hoping) I was just wondering if any of you ladies used a clear blue fertility monitor when you were trying and if so if you thought they were investing in??? I'm seriously condisdering getting one but just want some feed back as they are expensve !!

Any advice welcome

Thanks in advance
Ange xxx


  • Hello. I used one for 3 months and it kept showing as not ovulating, so was referred for fertility treatment and it turns out I was ovulating anyway as fell pregnant shortly after.

    Maybe I just fall into the percentage that they don't work for though, or was using it inconsistently or something. Good luck whatever you decide, hopefully your experience would be better. xxx
  • I had one - found it really useful cos unlike ovulation sticks which tell you after you have ovulated it told you before you ovulated so you had a better baby dancing window! I got pregnant in the second month of trying.It is a lot of money and you do have buy the test sticks too - I found it really took the worry out of it for me - I was always worried I was not ovulating. The first time I saw peak fertility with the egg I was overjoyed!
    I believe you can get them on ebay for less

    Good Luck
  • Morning,

    Thanks for that, you can get them second hand for less but I think I might just invest in one new ! i've read alot of positives which out weigh the negatives !! I also think it might lift my spirits abit !!

    Thanks for all your advice
  • I had a Persona monitor, a little less expensive than clear Blue. PG after 3 or 4 cycles, after 2 years of trying
  • Hi,

    I used this and was pregnant on second month of trying! Its really great at letting you know those extra days when you may not normally try. I know its expensive, but its well worth it in my opinion!

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