first time mum nappy changing and sleep suits.

hi ladys i know these might be silly questions but what to do when changing a nappy over years iv done my fair share of baby sitting but it just seems to all have gone out the window when changing a nappy do you put nappy cream on every change and bit talc on after then nappy or do you just make sure bum clean with wipes or water cotton wool and only bother with nappy cream if they have a rash as for talc do you need use that at all i heard it can cause breathing problems for baby is that true sorry call me stupid but i just want get everything right. also being the summer would you put body suit vest the ones with no arms or legs under sleep suits all year round or just in the winter i know a baby cant control there body temp like us and im giving birth in the summer so just dont know what to do all silly things to ask as iv babysat newborns but it seems such a long time ago and my memory blanke anyone give me some tips or pointers i just want do everything properly thanks girls x


  • Crystal, I wouldn't use cream everytime you change the nappy, only a little bit of sudocrem if you notice some redness that dosen't go away after a few seconds of the nappy being off (it can LOOK red just from being in the nappy, but it's not a rash unless it stays red and sore) I never used talc on my girls when they were babies and have used it very rarely since to be honest (they're 12 & 4 now and only use it to remove sand at the beach - there's a wee added tip - a little bit of talc rubbed into feet takes all the sand away form LO and you too, wouldn't go on hols without a mini bottle in my beach bag!) Anyway the baby's bum will probably be fine in the first few weeks cause you'll be changing very often. If it gets very sore or red and doesn't clear up in 1 or 2 days with sudocrem ask your doctor or midwife as if baby gets a bit of thrush in it's mouth it can give them a nappy rash and it will need a specific cream.
    As for the vest question, talking about a very tiny baby, in the first 8 weeks or so - personally I would tend to keep a vest on the baby everyday, I'll be using ones with short sleves that button under the nappy, baby due end of July. I'd only take the vest off a tiny baby if it's a really really warm day and the baby isn't being kept in the cool, you'll know yourself if he/she is too warm, feel their chest under the vest or their back, but remember, they should feel warm, but not roasting or sweaty. Use cotton cellular bankets as they allow air to circulate and remove them to let baby cool down before you start to remove clothes. Think about how warm it is in hospital and how they keep baby fully dressed with blankets and sometimes hats in there!
    Hmm I've rambled a bit, but really you'll get to know your baby yourself in no time and you'll be flying!
  • Hi Crystal, I use wipes (or cotton wool and water when they are newborn) a little bit of sudocrem and then pop the nappy on. With regards to clothing and sleepsuits I would go by what the temperature is at the time but as a general rule baby should have on as many layers as you + 1.

    Have you bought any baby books yet? I can recommend What To Expect in the First Year if you haen't as its got lots of info on this kind of thing.
  • thanks for the advice hun im such a worrior and hoping it will all come naturaly x x
  • I wouldn't use talc as a rule, as it can clump together and go gritty - which can irritate baby's skin, also be wary of barrier creams (like sudocreme) as (although they are wonderful if used properly) if you use too much they interfere with the absorbancy of the nappy - and can actually trap moisture next to baby's skin, which makes nappy rash worse. Only use them when baby's bum looks red, and then only use a smidge!

    My MIL thinks that you should be able to write your name in sudocreme and slaps it everywhere, it drives me mental!
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