FAO madnbella and blue bump

hiya have i got u added on facebook already?? what is ur name on it? i just want to look at ur scan pic if thats ok. if not i am under jane dunsdon and i think i am the only one xx


  • am bumping this bump haha
  • I have just seen the post sorry, I got you linked I am Laura-Leigh Pullinger on there.

    Hope comparing the two helps I think yours looks like a girl. I got a dvd that wont upload on comp but I can take snapshots from it in a similar picture too if that helps xx
  • oh yes ! i'll have a look thanks xx
  • oh yeh can def tell thats a boy haha i'm guessing u were over 20 weeks there on the 2d shot between its legs?? x
  • I was 16+5 weeks! I couldnt wait for the 20 week one I was so impatient only had that one on monday! How sure where the people scanning? x
  • they were pretty sure! but with a girl they said they can never say for def! it is a clear shot between the legs so def lookin like a girl. my friend had a 20 week one and they told her they think its a girl so she had to go and have a gender scan to make sure. i put the pic on the babycentre site where a sonographer looked at it and she said she can't believe they didn't say it was positive a girl, cos it is such a convincing image- but they r american they may do it different! but on ur 16 week pic u can clearly see that it is a boy. oh well i guess i'll just have to wait another 3 weeks!!! ahhh i just wanna know for def!
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