I know i am being really sensitive and grumpy today - but why do people think they comment on how your body is changing? I was a 10-12 before pregnant and I am 4 months - today and really do look pregnant - but have noticed my face is starting to get a bit puffy and someone said to me today i cant believe how big you are 4 months!!! My dad said i think you are going to need a tent by the end last night....i am eating rubbish...but i dont think i look that massive....it is really starting to get me down....i thought you are suppose to enjoy being pregnant but i just feel embarrassed and unattractive...and fat.

sorry for the moan.


  • Oh hunny! Sending you a big hug! People seem to think you become public property when you're pregnant and they can say or do what they like to you. I'm so tetchy at the moment I think if someone said something like that to me i'd rip their head of lol! But people seem to think its fine to come up and feel my belly all the time. I don't mind close friends/family etc. But random people I hardly know seem to think it's fine to manhandle me! I've got quite a bump too and definately look pregnant which i'm actually really glad about as I was worried i'd just look fatter than before!
    I just don't think people think about what they say before they speak sometimes and everyone has an opinion! You are perfectly normal hun and definately won't need a tent! Don't feel embarrased or unattractive. A pregnant woman is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world and i'm sure you look gorgeous!!!
    17+4 xxxxx
  • Try not to take it personally hun, people in my family who havent seen me since christmas have been making comments about me putting on weight cos I used to be a large 16 but joined a slimming club 2 years ago and lost 2 stone got down to a small 14. But I made the mistake of teling my aunt (who is a phlabotomist in a maternity hosipital) that I had to have the GTT as my BMI was a little high. Now every time I talk to her she is giving me tips of dieting and healthy eating (all stuff I know from losing weight) And to make it worse she told my grandmother. My mum was on the phone to my nan last monday and she asked how I was, my mum said not too good and her response was "why is she putting on too much weight" So my mum got really pee'd off and said "no actually she had to go to hospital this morning cos she's been bleeding" That shut her up, for now anyway!! I wouldn t mind but shes fat herself!!
    Im sick of it, they havent even seen me, people who have seen me keep telling me im tiny for 18 weeks.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, youre not alone try to ignore them or else make a smart comment back to them.
    Big fat hugs!!!
    Lisa xxx
  • Thanks girls - people are just so stupid.....!!! Had a rant down the phone to hubby so he is coming to meet me for lunch to cheer me up and we are going to sit in the sun xx
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