Belly button question ?

Hi ,
I was just wondering if this is normal as it is a few weeks to my next mid wife app , I keep getting like a stretching pain in the belly button area , it has defo popped out but the only way I can describe it is a bit like a stitch but in the belly botton ??

Has anyone else had this ??

Nic 26 wks x


  • Hi Nic

    I have had like a stitch type pain to the right of my belly button right from the start! It has not been constant but comes and goes - I think it comes when things are stretching inside!!
    18 weeks
  • Hi , thought it was prob that , it can get quite sore though ! still might check with the M/W I think when I next go but thanks !

  • Hi
    I get a really sore belly button, especially if going through a growing spurt or if baby is lying differently. It gets really tight and sore - I've been slapping loads of cream on, sometimes leaving it to soak in on its own to soften the skin a bit.
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