Ive just found out this morning my poor mum has pneumonia (spelling?). She had a really bad cold a few weeks back and never really got 100% better and so she went back to teh docs and has been told she has pneuomia. Poor thing. Only thing is, in normal circumstances i would be straight over to help out - even more so at this time of teh year. But i Feel like i should keep my distance though as obviously with being pregnant i have a weaker immune system and have just recovered from a bad cold myself.

Do you think i should keep my distance? - i know she has my sister who lives at home and my dad and brother. We are meant to be going for Christmas lunch but that will obviously depend upon how she's feeling. I know what shes like though - she wont rest up. When i rang her later this morning she had been hanging out the washing (in this bloody weather!!).

What do you think?


  • Hey hun. Someone plz correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure pneumonia isn't infectious, as a cold is. Pneumonia, bronchitis etc can develop after a bad cold or flu due to a weakened immune system but I don't think it's catching. I'll look it up for u though. Hope this helped & sorry about your mum, hope she feels better soon x
  • Hi,

    There are lots of different types of pneumonia so it depends on what she has as to how infectious it would be and what risk it would be to you. If in doubt check with your midwife and they can advise you.

    Hope she feels better soon, not a nice time of year to be poorly! x
  • I looked it up and I was wrong, as LizB says it depends on what type of pneumonia it is, but I do think it is rare to catch it as it usually develops as a secondary infection...My mum's partner had it a few years ago and never knew about it until weeks later, I had been around all that time as had my mum and never caught anything but in pregnancy u can have a weakened immune system especially if u've just got over a cold. x x
  • Thanks for your replies.

    Checked with MW and she said that obviously i have a weaker immune system being pregnant and especially with me recovering from a bad cold just recently that i should probably keep away at least until Christmas eve.

    She said that i wouldnt just catch pneumonia just like that but i could end up getting another cold if i did catch any germs but obviously in a worse case scenario that can lead to flu and then pneumonia. So i will keep away until then and she said to just make sure i wash my hands carefully when i leave etc.

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