In-laws have bought us a 2nd hand moses basket...

... does anybody know where I can buy a new liner? - the bit that goes up the sides? And is it safe to use the waterproof mattress that is with it, or do I need a new mattress as well as sheets etc?

Thanks xx


  • Ive got all my stuff from e bay its all new

    Cheaper than shops

    Leanne 41+1 x
  • I thik you can get new moses mattresses from Mothercare, I've borrowed one form my firend so need one too and I'm absolutley sure I saw one in there so maybe worth checking there first for a liner too?


  • sounds like you might as well get a new basket. you can them for ??20, especially if you already have the stand.
  • I was given a 2nd hand moses basket. I bought my matrress from ebay from a matrress company I'd used before for about ??2.79 plus about ??3 postage (if that) and I just washed everything else and it came up fine - Babies aren't in them for very loong, so unless it was grated, I wouldn't bother with a new liner.

  • u defo need a new mattress as they harbour bacteria, but they're only about ??10 in mothercare etc, does it not come with liners u can wash? otherwise ebay for the liners. x
  • I'd check as my mattress was washable so you could just wash it to freshen it up and kill any potential bacteria etc - my lo was only in it for 5 weeks so I'm sure it'll be fine as probably not used for an extended period of time. Not sure about liners though, I'd check out ebay first as some places are soooo expensive as soon as anything is baby related!! lol

  • Your meant to buy any kind of mattress new for each child- as far as im aware there is a higher risk of cot death with a second hand mattress so definitely worth buying a new one in my opinion xx
  • arls0308 - I'm in need of a cheap new mattress, can you share the name of your ebay seller?

    Very grateful,
  • I have had a moses basket from a friend and bought a new mattess from Mothercare. They do a range of sizes. I went for the ??24 one as I wanted the best quality option but they also do one for around ??12.

    I haven't been able to find new liners. Remember that you need to wash at 60 degrees to kill the bad stuff in the liner etc, which is what I am going to try and do (hoping it wont shrink!)
  • Oh re Calleigh's comment - I agree depending on the basket you could almost buy a new one for the price of a decent quality mattress and then the liners are taken care of too! I didn't do this myself as the basket we have been given was around ??80 brand new. For the amount of time you use a moses basket I think some of the cheap ones are absoloutely fine!
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