Im bleeding at 13 weeks preg but not its bleeding without pain av i mc?:cry:


  • Sometimes bleeding can mean a sign of MC but it can also mean everything is still ok. It's really important for you to tell your MW or your GP and get checked straight away, even if it's just to put your mind at rest. Have you had a scan?
    Em xxx
  • Not had scan not aving one till 18th of jan even tho i was 12 weeks a couple weeks back
  • Hey hun

    Like Em1978 had said its common for ppl to be bleeding while preggie, and sometimes its can be mc but not without the pain so if i was u hun i would get in touch with the labour ward now and tell them how far gone u are and that ur bleeding and they will ask u to come in and they would check the babys heart beat, cos if u dont u will be up all night worrying which is not gonna be good for u or the baby

    take care hun and keep me up to date

    Cheriste xxx

  • but i av no money for a taxi and aint got a car can i call an ambalence
  • I would ring tomo to check it out and not wait until your scan as that's going to be in another week or'll only be worrying until then.
    Let us know how you get on.
    Thinking of you xxxxxxxx
  • i called delivery suiet they said come in now but i cnt av no money for a cab and aint got a car
  • aww hun just read post. hope everything turn out ok x IF ITS VERY HEAVY BLEEDING CALL AMBULANCE X
  • How are you Caz4Mark? You must explain to them that you have no way of getting there so they can arrange to collect you. Hope you're feeling better and everything turns out ok.

    Keep us posted, Emxxxxx
  • i went today and its bad news they did a scan n said baby as no heart beat.the baby showed up as 7 weeks 3 days. but im mwnt to be 13 weeks 3days. but i dont understand this y it took so long for me too bleed y didnt i bleed at 7 weeks wen this append. Im crying every 5mins i so sad cant belive this as happend. i just cant Face anything even dragging myself on pc was bad enuf
  • Oh Sweet heart I'm so sorry. I believe it's called a missed misscarriage and that is why you didn't start to bleed staright away. Do you have your bf there to look after you?
  • yeah but i cnt face anything got two weeks of work tho but i dont wanna go back i no its there fault its my stupid job that harmed that baby.them making me strain myself lifting things i told them
  • Owww hun you musn't blame your work. Unfortunately there is no actually proof that lifting can harm the baby in early stages. I know it sounds very cliche and won't help how you feel, but sometimes these things just happen and there is nothing you or anyone else could have done about it. Do you have someone with you? I don't really know what to say image

  • thanx made me lift stuff i said no they said its my job i feel so guilty
  • You shouldn't feel guilty hun as it's not your fault.

    If work made you lift stuff even though you said you couldn't then you should do something about it regardless of whether it has anything to do with your misscarriage or not.

    Did work know you were pregnant? there is so much protection that pregnant women can get now, there should have been a risk assesment done on you as soon as they found out you were pregnant and there should have been someone assigned to look after you (a line manager). What job do you do?

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