Should I be this tired?

I can't decide if this is normal or if I am anaemic.

I am usually asleep by 8.30pm most nights and getting a semi decent night's sleep. I am finding it more and more difficult to find a comfortable position and I need the usual pee in the early hours. Last night I was fast asleep by 8.30pm and the alarm went off at 6am. I should have had at least 8 hours (taking into account waking up etc.) and yet I feel absolutely shattered this morning. I could just sleep and sleep.

Is this normal? I am only 12+2.

My tiredness is starting to get me down.


  • yip normal,i had this really bad until about week 16 i think then it got a bit better but more restless sleep,now im 30+3 and im up early early but im shattered and could go back to bed an hour later.this is semmingly normal although i had been tested on and off for 2 months for iron levels and i ended up getting b12 injections for pernicious anaemia,but still tired think its just pregnancy tho x
  • Yeah its normal hun - I'm still like that now!
    It does start to get to you and there doesn't seem to be a solution. I was anaemic before getting pg so that hasn't helped me but everyone i know who has / is pg is the same!!
  • I am exactly the same and unfortunately have been throughout my pregnancy! I am in bed and asleep by half 8 every night and struggle to get up when my alarm goes off at half 5 for work!

    Fingers crossed you get some respite in the second trimester as I know others have had a sudden burst of energy!

    Bec 30+5 x
  • Thanks ever so for replying and it is good to know that I am normal. However, if this carries on right through my pg I think my hubbie will be a little upset. I disappear off to bed long before he is ready to come up and I feel really bad about it.

    Went to Sainsburys today and stocked up on things that have iron in just to make sure! You just can't beat a bowl of Frosties with evaporated milk.....yummy! (I hate normal milk - makes me gag!!). Not sure the fresh cream chocolate sponge has any iron in it though......image
  • Hi Shimmsie...I believe we have the same due date so we can complare quite accurately I suppose....Have you had antenatal bloods done, that should show any problem with Iron. I was like you last week, sleeping for 14 hours if left!!! (in between wees!!) haha
    I've bought some of the Pregnacare multivits as they have iron in, just as an extra.
    This week I have found I have been shattered about 4pm and like a wet rag til tea time, but even when I lie on the settee U don't go in to a deep sleep, just a doze. Listen to your body, rest when you can and thank for the idea of frosties and evap....can't wait to try that oneimage

    lots love xx
  • Sorry to say it but yep its normal!

    I was sleeping after work from about 4.30-6pm then I would eat and be back in bed by 7.30-8pm until alarm went off at 7am!

    That stopped around 15wks ish and I did get more energy but now I am 33wks I am back to falling asleep after work and early nights, although now my nights are more broken with wee breaks and trying to get comfy etc!
  • Yep - I am shattered all the time and could nap at my desk! xx
  • Phew!! Again, thanks for letting me know I am not alone. Just told hubbie that I am actually normal and he has said that if I need to sleep then that is what I should do - bless him.

    Mission-Impossible - I am due on the 21 September and have also got pregnancy multivits (along with malt loaf, Frosties, cream cakes and anything else I can lay my hands on....but that is for another topic!!).

    Only 2 hours until bed time!! Yipeee
  • i went through a tired stage in my 1st trimester then that wore of about 18weeks, but now ive hit my last trimester and im shattered all the time, i got to bed 9pm most nights get up about 3times a night for a pee, then my 4year old wakes me at 7am... some mornings im fine, but at the end of the day im knackered... even though i dont really do anything!!
    its just getting me prepared for the sleepless nights again!!
  • I am always tired and I am now 21 weeks - no sign of me getting any more energy either!! I always planned to keep up with the exercise and do things in the evenings but now I get in from work and crash out on the sofa. In bed by 9pm so you are not alone!!
  • hi, im 19 weeks pregnant, i was terrible in the early stages of my pregnancy always very sleepy, im not as bad now but have the odd day where i have to have a nap in the day!
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