Coccyx (tailbone) pain


I'm 16 wks and am really suffering from coccyx pain for the last few weeks.

Its especially bad when I'm sitting (at work) or getting up from a sitting position or getting out of bed.

Has anyone else had this and can recommend any way to relieve the pain? Do do-nut cushions work?

I'm really worried its just going to get worse and worse as the pregnancy progresses.

Koi x


  • hiya, im not sure but it may be SPD as its around that area not had any coccyx pain myself its all round the front end but is the tail end attched to the pelvis. fingers crossed its not spd cos it SUCKS!!! i'd ask your mw or if no-one other than me replies post again in a day or so in case it was missed. xxxx
  • Hi Koi
    I have just started getting this pain, it came about 2 weeks ago and has stuck since, I assumed I have been sitting funny at my desk, didn't get chance to mention to midwife on Tuesday but am seeing consultant next wed so i'll mention it then and see what they say, I'm almost 36 weeks though so i hope yours isn't anything that will stick for the full pregnancy as I know it's very painful. Keep you posted
    Em x
  • I never suffered from Coccyx pain until after the birth of my daughter in 2005. It comes and goes. When I lost 6st in weight it went completely but I have since gained a couple of st since being pregnant and the pain did return.

    I visit a Chiropractor and went to see her and she manipulated my spine and touch wood I have not had any pain for the last 6wks.

    It could be worth a visit to a Chiropractor as I know what the pain is like and it is unbearable. It was when I stand up from sitting I would have to brace myself as it was so painful. I use a donut cushion on my chair at work too.

    Hope it eases for you

  • Hi. i had this pain when i was pregnant with both my two. I think its part of SPD cos i had that bad in my second pregnancy! I still get it now, quite bad sometimes, if i've been sitting for a while!

    I couldn't find anything that helped with mine. Hope yours eases xx
  • Hi, I've been getting this pain from quite early on in my pregnancy. Mainly after I've been to the toilet (for either a pee or poo, sorry tmi) then go to sit down at my desk.
    I thought it was linked to constipation in early pregnancy but it hasn't gone away and I'm 20wks now.
    My mw said it was normal and all to do with things shifting around, muscles stretching etc. But over last few weeks I've been getting more and more SPD symptoms so I'm starting to think that I've got that now. Seeing Dr in 2 weeks so will mention it again then. Suz x
  • Thanks so much for your replies - it helps to know I'm not the only one with this!
    It really is a constant pain when sitting down - can't bear the thought it may well be with me now for the whole pregnancy. It really feels like its bruised - but its not.
    Will talk to my midwife - seeing her on the 20th.
    Thanks again x
  • Hi there, I remember having this, yeah really sore coccyx pain when sitting at work. Mine only lasted a week or so and did not really effect the enjoyment of pregnancy for me. Hope yours is the same and it settles down soon. I did not use any form of pain relief or cushion, so can't recommend anything, pointless post - I know !! Really just wanted to say I had the same and it was not SPD and I have no problems now my LO is here !!

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