Ham Sandwiches!


Was browsing the internet, like u do and started reading about different types of food poisoning (dangerous i know). Anyway, i'm now getting myself in to a right panic.

Over the past month and yesterday i've taken ham sandwiches to work approx 2-3 times. As there is no fridge near my desk i've kept them on my desk. This obviously means that the ham has been out of the fridge for approx 5-6 hours before i've eaten it.

Now i've convinced myself that i'll get Listeriosis!! which can be very dangerous to unborn babies particularly in the 3rd trimester (i'm 29 weeks). Ofcourse now i've been searching the internet again and can't really find any answers to stop me worrying. I couldn't bear the thought of hurting my baby.

I'm really hoping that i'm getting over worried about nothing. I never used to worry about stuff til i was pregnant

Does anyone have any advice? image image


  • I take my lunch in a little cool bag which I got from lakeland. It has a little ice pack which you freeze every night then use to keep the bag cold.
    And rest assured, as soon as you solve this problem, you will start worrying about something else, it's the pregnancy curse!
  • I'm sure you'll be fine Jules. Those little cool bags are great, although I'm really lucky as we've got a mini fridge in our office where we keep milk for tea and coffee so I keep my sandwiches in there. I think pregnancy makes you worry about the smallest little thing, personally I think it's practice for when you have your baby as I'm sure the worrying doesn't stop!! Mention it to your midwife if you're really worried though, as that won't be good for you or baby xxxx


  • stop stressing about it you wont get anything! i used to always take ham sandwhiches to work and they never ever went in the fridge and would be out for hours and hours before i ate them, ive never been poorly! xx
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