who has linea nigra and when did it appear?

hi just wondered whohas the linea nigra (spelling?), line on your stomachs?

i had it last pregnancy, (cant remember when it started), but i am 26 weeks and still dont have it his time and im sure i had it by now last time. i know its a boy this time whereas i had a girl first time (doubt thats anything to do with it tho).

just wondered if some people get it and some people dont?

also i dont have any stretchmarks yet (didnt have any on stomach last time but did on bum and thighs), hope i am managing to escape them on stomach this time too, but maybe its too early tho?

my first child is 3 and i have forgotten everything already!!



  • i think ( been told) that you only get the line if you had a girl im having boy andhavent got one all my cust at work said have you got the line and when i said no they said oh its a boy so i think it is to do with the sex although is prob just another myth !!
  • Hi! I had it in my first pregnancy and I had a boy. I haven't got it this time (I'm 38+6) and I'm having another boy. Not sure why some people get it and others don't! XXX
  • Hi,

    It has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. Pregnancy hormones cause an increase in the pigment melanin in your skin which can cause the characteristic line. It's not understood why some get it and others don't but it might be to do with the amount of folic acid in your diet. More folic acid is meant to mean less chance of it appearing.

    I'm 28+3 and I don't have one.

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