I am sooo stupid....


I have been googling videos of ladies GIVING BIRTH!!!! :lol:

I have totally petrified myself and i dunno how im going to get through that!! I am desperate for her to be here but really CANNOT do the whole birth thing, no joke!!

Will i be ok?? :lol:

Sharon xx



  • LOL.
    You've got this far without having a look and then the day before your due date you do thissss.
    Ohhh no.
    You will be okie, i find reading birth stories reassuring :]:]
  • Awwww you'll be fine! I promise you, its worse watching it than actually doing it! I know that sounds ridiculous, but honestly it is! You'll find your own ways of coping with the pain, and you'll also be so looking forward to meeting your baby that you'll forget the pain as soon as she's here anyway! xxx
  • Hi

    Last night i looked at stage by stage pics of c-section - had nightmares all night; are we daft or what!

    We're going to be fine!

  • You will get through it, it always looks worse when you see someone else do it! And don't watch anymore! xxx

    Cat 12+3
  • Awww Sue, what we like hehe

    Well i dont think its the pain im too worried about... Its more the embarrassment of lying with legs open to the world, sweating buckets etc etc lmao. I am very self concious :roll:

    Also, cos of my spd, i dont think i can lie like all they girls i have been watching, that looks agony! Its sore enough getting out the bath, bed etc. I AM NOT BEING PUT IN STIRRUPS! Ouch! :x

    Ohhh what am i gona do?? :\?

  • I have no idea!!!

    I would just pray that after such a long slow labour, that you get to the hospital when your fully dilated and hope she flies out in 5 mins flat!
  • You'll be fine hun - but I know what you mean. We watched a birth dvd the other day that some friends gave us - I was actually sick (though my sickness is horrendous anyway!!). It was awful and I felt traumatised and definately cant do that!!!!!
    Hubby keeps laughing at me - I'd like to see him give birth!!
    You'll be fine though hun - hope your little girl arrives soon.

  • I've just the same thing, read and watched all the labour info I could and then felt completely sick!!!!
    why have we waited until the very end to do this to ourselves?? I'm trying to keep the attitude that I wont really see much of whats happening down there as you can on the videos so it might not be as bad!
    I've got SPD too and been told kneeling on all fours is the best position or water birth (which I'm hoping for) just make sure your midwife knows about it and she'll advise of the best position.
    Good Luck image

  • I've been through it myself, but still can't bring myself to watch a video of it - am worried I'll be too petrified to give Lily a brother or sister! Labour is quite frankly icky enough for a mother without having to actually SEE what's going on as well as feel it!
  • hi, im sure u will b fine huni, im on baby number 5 so it cant be that bad unless i have a screw loose!!lol!! just keep thinking it will b over soon and try and stay calm it really does help!! then u have ur lovely lil girl.
    luv clare

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