working from home?

does any 1 work from home??? if so, what do u do?
i would love 2 do this- however im nt sure what sorts of jobs r available to do at home??
i google it- and gt given typing jobs?? r these sites genuine?


  • i would be careful of some sites, especially if they ask for a fee up front. i know some do.


    i think they have a home based section, please let me know how you get on and if you find any good legit jobs as i would be interested to.
  • I sell Usborne book from home & am earning a good part time wage from it at the moment. What I love about it is that I can work it in around family life plus the girls are benefitting from being brought up around good quality childrens books. To be honest it doesnt really feel like work at all!!!! lol

    Check out my website for more info about it

    Hilary x
  • i was thinking of proofreading.

    anyone know how i can get into this without going through the official course?

    would love to get cracking with that from my laptop at home

  • I'm a free-lance writer/editor working from home (and have been since before I fell pregnant). I'm self-employed, so I'm afraid I can't offer huge amounts of advice, but I would say that home sales rep (Usborne, Avon, that sort of thing) are probably your best bet if you are looking for flexible employment without the hassles of being fully self-employed.

    Pookey's aunty, you might try contacting publishers about proof-reading if you don't want to do a course, but many publishers now out-source their proof reading to India, so I don't know how far you would get...
  • wow that sounds like my cup of tea. i contacted the society of proof readers and editors but im too heavily pregnant to attend their course and would just like to get stuck in with proof reading/copy editing from hiome.

    thanks - didnt know i could contact publishers direct and will have a crack at doing that. it just seems the perfect as i am into written work and can spot an error from a mile off.

  • Get hold of a copy of the Artists' and Writers' Yearbook. It contains the contact details of all publishers in the country (and plenty abroad as well). If you don't want to buy a copy, most public libraries should have one.

    Good luck!
  • thanks history girl!!
  • I do quite a bit of proof reading for writers whose mother tongue isn't English - I got started through university, correcting foreign students' work. It might be an idea to contact local universities?
  • yeah ive already spoken to my niece who is at uni (i feel so old!!) and she's gonna put a sign up for me.

    do u know what the going rate is??
  • thanx 4 all replies- il ave 2 read thru them in a bit- lottie needs 2 bath..... il check out the sites mentioned!! xx
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