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I bought my rocking chair at the baby show and it has been delivered already it was sent to mum's and mum dropped it at my place today and I soooo cannot wait to get home!!

Also my darling nan after getting us sooo much stuff already bought is this, I really wanted this as well so I am very happy and mum dropped this over to us as well.

I was really funny about buying things so early but now they have started to give me things I want to go out and buy more!!

Has anybody got this?|category_root|Nursery|12109130/c_2/2|cat_12109130|Baby+bouncers+and+swings|12109189.htm

K xx


  • Hi K-lou,how are you feeling? I can't wait to start buying things but I'm waiting until after the 20 week scan just so I'm less paranoid! All I have bought so far is a steriliser which is really boring but mothercare are having a sale!

    That bouncer looks lovely btw. xx K 19+0
  • Awww that bouncer is sooooo cute! and wow a rocking chair never did think to get one :lol:

  • Ah that bouncer is gorgeous! It would match lovely in my living room too! image We've not decided which one to get yet. It's lovely that your nan has treated you to it aswell. What a lovely gift.
  • Thanks girls,

    I am feeling good thank you babe tired but ok image

    This is rocking chair we got it from the baby show for ??100!!!! Brand new. Stool as wellimage

    K xx
  • Hi K,

    We didn't start buying anything until after our 20 week scan but its a personal choice!

    Incidentally we do have the same bouncer (although the bears on the toy bar are different for some reason!). The only thing I would say is that I wish I'd realised before we got it home that it doesn't have a multi position back rest as it does seem quite high, especially for a new born!

    Its very cute though and the vibrations and sound affects seem ok. We got ours for ??32 as well so it might be worth shopping around.

    Bec 30+4 x

  • We have that bouncer! it seems well good vibrates and rocks when you twist the switch and plays music! xx
  • Thats really nice I have a cosatto rainbow coloured one with little bears on it. Im borrowing a nursing chair from OH cousin its one that sort of bounces and Ive already brought loads like the bottles and steriliser and a baby carrier,cot and moses basket, curtains and matching grobag, cot tidy, nappy stacker, laundry bag etc! Ive even started stocking up on nappies and toiletries and have seen the changing unit I want LOL and we havent even started decorating yet!! Im waiting till im about 30 weeks to buy all the big stuff like the pram etc though.


  • I can't believe you got the rocking chair for ??100, I've been looking for one but they are all so expensive!
  • Thanks girls,

    Joo I know it does hun i am not too worried about using it for when we firat have her somebody said on the reviews depending on the baby size but two months and it's fine so we will see.

    I am not buying huge things like cot moses and pram till much later but these are gifts. The only reason i bought the chair is because it was such a good offer and i though as nasty as it sounds if something was to go wrong we would still use the chair you know image

    K xx
  • It really is a bargain! If I had the money I would go out and buy EVERYTHING now. Im so addicted to buying baby stuff. As soon as I find out the sex I will be buying clothes LOL! I just cant help myself!


  • Just a quick add looks really good,they sell EVERYTHING and although most stuff is only a couple of pounds cheaper there are some real bargains. Like the twin buggy we saw in mothercare for ??250 is on there for ??160! xx
  • It is sutible from birth thou we have it xx
  • That bouncy chair is really sweet!! I cant wait to start getting stuff, we have the 20 week scan on Friday and at the weekend think well start having a look at prams etc.

    Buying baby stuff is so much fun!!

    20+2 xx
  • thanks girls image it really is fun at first I was like nobody give me a thing till 24 weeks but my nan gave us the basket she had made up and she just could not wait and then she bought us this and then we went to the baby show so bought the chair there.

    Hubby wants to buy more but I have said no lol
    K xx
  • I had that bouncer for Neve and she loved it! Its great for when they are tiny because of the head hugger. Neve liked the sea noises to go to sleep and I used it through early weaning as well. Will be using it again with this baby. The cover also washes very well.
  • Oh good I am so pleased you girls liked it image I have been worried as nan rushed out to buy it she is awful!!! I can't wait to see it this evening I am pleased you can take the covers off and wash them.

    K xx
  • Hi hun, ive got that bouncer in my list of things to get at 24 weeks, you should order the mamas and papas catalogue its got some lovely stuff in it. Also online you can get some sale items. I bought a load of stuff from them last week as you cant hang about for sale items can you tee hee

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