Job Interview this week

Hi everyone,

well after getting sacked for being pregnant on friday i've got a job interview this wed. I'm signed off sick for 3 months but can't afford to live on benefits so going to work. Wish me luck girls??!!!

I'm NOT telling them i'm pregnant!!!


  • Good luck babe
  • And little baby toes! hehe

    Thanks hun xx
  • That is terrible - you should not have lost your job because you are pg, that's sex discrimination! I would go get some legal advice. You might be able to get a few ????s out of them!

    Good luck with the interview!
  • Hi Snowangel

    Im not 100% sure but im positive that if you are signed off sick, then the employee's insurance doesnt cover you. Assuming you get the job, which im sure you will. I agree and dont think you should tell them you are pregnant but if successful then I might be inclined to go to the doctors to have the sick note finalised just in case.

  • hi just to let u know, u can not return to work whilst signed off sick, in order to do so u will need to get ur
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