20 week scan later today cant wait!!!

hi im so excited!! we've got 20 weeks scan at 1.50 today...i am so excited cause i have been feeling baby for ages so i am going to this scan feeling confident that everything is fine, where at the last 2 i have been going half worried that they wouldnt see anything!i know we are just going to enjoy this one, and we are hopefully going to find out the sex, im so excited x


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  • Good luck chick and enjoy....

    I've got mine on monday (even though I'm 22weeks!!!) and I'm a mixture of excitement and fear!!!

    let us kmow how you get on
  • Good luck - i found it one of the best experiences in the world! Absolutely fantastic to see your little baby moving about so clearly and to see all their features.

    Enjoy it - its great!!;\)
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