anyones dates not match up with scan and baby born when you

hi everyone

anyones dates not match up with scan and baby born in ine with your period dates?

until my 12wk scan i thought i was 2 weeks more pregnant. but at 12 week scan was put back two weeks. i know the definite time of my last period altho mine are not always that regular.

anyway, i know this can be quite common, but just wondered if anyones baby arrived when they thought it would rather than going by scan dates?

i am convinced i am still 2 weeks more preg than scan says and that this baby is gonna come earlier (maybe im just hoping)

(this is my second baby and had no clue when my last period was first time so have nothig to compare to and just trusted scan last time)

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  • my 20 week scan matched up with the 12 weeks scan, but then i had one at 25wks cause i had a bleed and it said i was 27wks putting me same as my dates, but she said it was cause baby just measuring slightly bigger, but im not so sure.

    i just have this feeling you know?
  • Hi,
    With my dd who is now 10 months doctors said i was due 3rd of april then 12 week scan said 11th of april and my dd was born 24th april.
  • thy put me back 2 weeks with my first. suppose u only realy no wen u had the first scan .
  • hiya!
    by my dates of last period my daughter was due on the 17th of oct, but then the scan said i was 25th of oct but she didnt actually arrive untill 31st of oct! so it was all a bit confusing. i really thought that she would be early, but she wasnt! image x
  • hi my scan dates say 29th feb but my period dates are saying 23rd feb so by period dates im 5 days overdue but scan dates im due tomorrow . confusing x x
  • With my 4th and 5th the 12wk scans said the baby was measuring bigger and changed my dates. 4th was due 2nd april according to my dates but they gave me 23rd march, he arrived on my date 2nd april! 5th was due 2nd may by my dates and 18th april scan dates he arrived 1st may! I think us mums know best, i even knew when i had concieved the last 2 so it did make me cross when they changed my dates. xx
  • Hi, with my first baby from my period i was due on 2nd Aug, went for 12wk scan which put me back to 7th Aug, then baby wasnt actually born until 17th aug. This time round scan near enough matched my periods as from my A/F i got a date of 30th june then scan said 2nd july. I am really hoping for a june baby tho, dnt want any of this been overdue lark agen. Kerry xxx
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