28 week check up.

I have my 28 week check tomorrow, last time i saw my midwife she said about having to re do all the blood tests, but what else do they do? Does everyone have the glucose test?



  • you'll start (if not already) to get your bump measured to see how many weeks you are measuring. You'll get to hear babies heartbeat and probably be told how many bpm (beats per minute) it is. I think it is only a couple of blood tests - blood count to make sure your not anemic and something else which i can't remember....?

    Not sure about the glucose test sorry. Remember to bring a urine sample aswell.

    You'll probably be in and out to be honest.......my son is now 19 months old so forget now what happens at each visit but it is just a general check up really and if you have any questions etc.....



  • Hi you will only have the glucose test if you are at higher risk of it like having a high bmi etc and the bloods are the same as booking in bloods and they will listen to your lo heartbeat and measure your bump thats bout it really i have mine next tue and i have had the fasting blood test done similar to the glucose test as i have a slightly higher bmi and my babies have been good sizes. Hope this helps vikki xx
  • sorry to butt in!! but i have my 22 week app next week what do they do at that?? xx
  • Princessjane,

    it will just be a general check up, blood pressure, listening to heartbeat and they may start to measure your bump then, it won't be blood tests but you will need a urine sample with you. The mw will probably discuss your blood test results aswell and answer any questions. I don't get this check up with second pregnancy so have to wait until one at 28 weeks, which is in July!!!

    I'll have my 20 week scan before that and a 4d scan at around 26/27 weeks. xx
  • at my 28 wk check i had bloods taken for full blood count (iron levels, and a random glucose test) also checked bub heart beat,measured my tummy, took urine, bp and felt babys pos, xx
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