Washing powder for baby clothes?

Hi ladies,

I want to wash all the baby clothes tomorrow, but was wondering if I can use my normal washing powder or if I'm meant to be using any special baby stuff (if such a thing exists!)?

Thanks xxx


  • I think it's recommended that you use a non-bio washing powder. I have switched to Fairy non-bio in readiness as I know hubby will forget which is for the babies and which is for us if I use 2 different sorts!
  • Yeah you are right - non-bio is recommended as it is better for sensitive skin! It doesn't matter what brand though - depends how much you want to / can spend on it! I am trying all the different ones out now in readiness to see how I get on with them as I have sensitive skin anyway!!

    Tara 23+3
  • thanks for the replies ladies, just checked and ours is bio, have to say I'd never taken any notice of what we normally get, I just look for the cheapest but will definately go out tomorrow and get some non bio!!!

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