Is anyone else having problems with ordering from Mothercare's website!? I have now tried 3 different cards and they all got "declined" by my bank (apparently) but when I spoke to the (2 different) banks they said they didn't know why. Also The cards seem to work fine at other shops.

Is it coincidence? Or do Mothercare hate me!?

I guess it's probably a good thing, as i really don't need more clothes - but still, I am anoyed! Grrrr!

Anyway, Love to everyone.



  • God, let's hope they are not about to go under either!!! lol

    Have you tried calling them?? I'm about to do some internet shopping so I'll let you know how I get on! Then again.... maybe it is a 'higher power' trying to tell you something!!!! :lol:
  • I had problems a couple of days ago when ordered some fitted sheets which were discounted but discount wasn't showing up on the bill so I called them and they said they were experiencing problems with their website, but you can place orders over the phone.

  • Yeah I tried calling them, and got the same result. They blame the banks and the banks blame them!

  • ok now im worried as this seems to be happening with companies who are goin under .....i really hope this is one company that doesnt cos my lil mans trust fund is with them and what would happen to all his funds??!!...............sorry gatecrashing your post xxxx
  • i recieved the spring summer catalogue through the door yesterday maybe they are in the process of updating the website?? i hope so it is worrying though!xx
  • Ok gatecrashing too but flippin' heck hope Mothercare don't vanish I would be totally lost!! Hope you can get back on soon x
  • Just to let you know it's all sorted now! (thanks to my DH)! So they are not going into administration or anything nasty like that! Phew! Don't know how I would survive without Mothercare!
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