baby show NEC in may

Is anyone going to this one? i'm hoping to go. My mom is taking me as can't afford this one and next one after may is in oct. i'll be hiring a electric scooter to get around as SPD will be excruciating by then lol (i'll be due the following month lol)

Was thinking if a few were going we could meet up for coffee there and see how everyone was doing lol

Just a thought
Biig hugs


  • my lo is now 16 weeks bt i would quite like to go. ive heard lots about it. same question as zoey, where do you find all the info? x
  • Would love to go but my lo is due april, I would be hobbling around knackered!! xxx
  • I am hoping to got to the London Excel one from the 29th of this month as I have 2 free tickets, plus I have never been to one of these before.

    If I go I will let you know what this one is like! xx
  • image i think or something similar lol sorry zoe memory like a seive! google it and it will pop up if i got it wrong image oo00oo tiger lily really wish you could be there lol even if hobbling around lol get oh to push a wheel chair while you push pram hahaha baby train lol
    there are disabled facilities i looked into it coz of my SPD my mom was worried i wouldn't cope lol got ??70 hidden so OH doesn't spend the money lol its in a place he'd never look hahaha just hiding it there till we go see my mom and then she can hide it for me mwhahaha he did offer to give me the ??40 he'd saved for a years tax lol but i'd rather that go on tax for the car than me being frivilous at the baby show

    You so gotta watch the vid i was almost cryin i was so broody lol
    sorry will stop going on now hahaha
  • I'm going to the London Excel one! My friend recommended it to me....good for stocking up when pregnant & when baby is born....she has a 8mth & 4yr old and is going again!
  • is that the one at the end of the month or in oct?
    trying to find a way to convince oh to come to one in oct but gonna see how the may one goes first
  • Hi Crotchetmum yes the excel one is at the end of this month think it is between 29th feb-2nd march.

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