what are you hoping for xmas?

This year I would like.......
*A healthy bundle of joy!
*And an eternity ring from my hubby

What would you like for xmas this year?

Percypig 36+3

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  • NOT to get piles :lol:

  • Lol! oh yes I think I'll add that to my list too.
    *Not to get piles
    *Not to get any stretch marks
  • A visible bump (without stretch marks)
    An announcement that MA is being doubled
    Oh, and a pair of cashmere socks and some Lancome mascara!
  • i would quite like it if my daughter wanted to play with the toys we have bought her rather than the wrapping paper and box's lol! oh and i want some purple ghd's and lots of chocolate image xxxx
  • I'd love a short, easy labour to make up for my marathon previous one- but not too much before my due date of 14th January! xx
  • I would like a healthy bouncing baby, arriving with a short and pain free labour....and if its not too much to ask a Wii Fit to get back in shape after the bith xxxx
  • i would like to have a nice easy birth (if theres such a thing lol) and not to have another c-section and have a healthy 4 week old baby (dont want to go over to much lol)

    i dont ask for alot do i lol xx
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