Am I really pregnant?

My period is late and i have just done a test (predictor) after 4 minutes there was still a pink dot in the middle window which is suppose to happen if it's positive. I am in shock!!!! Could it be wrong?


  • sounds like ur pregnant to me congratulations!!!!
  • Thanks, i did not plan on having a baby just yet, so it's a big shock. It takes some getting used to.
  • good luck lil_bump! maybe do another test if you're not sure but ya rarely get false positives xx
  • Thanx
    Gonna need it. Don't know what to tell oh.
  • congrats on finding out your pregnant, my cousin got 2 negetive tests but was pregnant, they say it is very rere to get a false positive. good luck and take care xx

  • Thanks. i did another predictor this morning and got another positive. Did a clearblue digital and normal clearblue and neither worked at all. i must have done something wrong.
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