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Is anyone else like us? We're seriously thinking of seeing what baby looks like before deciding on final choice of name. We have a short-list for boy and girl. Has anyone done this? When they saw lo did you change your name? Is it really possible to see whether a name suits them when they are newborn?


  • We are doing the same. We know that we are having a girl but are waiting untill shes here to name har. TBH there are so many names i like at the moment i cant choose one.

    Hope i can make our minds up when shes here

    Kerry xxx
  • its a good idea, all the way through my pregnancy my lo was gonna be fraser... he popped out and looked like a skyler rae so that's what he got called, tho everyone has nicknames for him!!
    susie xxx
  • Hi we've decided the same, we have 3 names in mind for each sex (although not got my final list for girls names) and will just decide when we see what baby looks like.
  • LOL we're totally the opposite - we had names for each of ours before birth and they are the names each of them have ended up with.

    I totally think its personal choice and wish you all lots of luck with the name choosing once their here - my reasoning was that I didn't want any of their hospital tags to say just 'Baby Spraggs', I wanted them to have their names on them.
  • hi we've had a name sorted since we found out we were having a girl. when we were going through names the one we chose just jumped out at us both and we're kind of stuck on it but we're not telling anyone just incase we look at her and it doesn't feel right but i can't see us changing our minds. i think certain names can be associated with certain types of people or how someone looks and if the association doesn't match then the name could feel wrong also some names can seem too grown up for a baby so i think it can be a good idea to be cautious about telling people before they're born just incase, plus it's funny listening to all the guesses people come up with and seeing the ways they try and trick the name out of you. xx

  • Hi,
    My son was Ryan for the first 10 days of his life-however it just didn't suit him so he became James! It's really odd because I have cards still (from 9 years ago) that say congratulations on the birth of ryan!
    So this time there is a name we really want-but I have made oh agree to a reserve! And we'll see what she looks like!
    Lydia xx

  • I'm like Mummyx5, we named our baby way before he was born. I think if you already have a name for them it will automatically suit them! xxx
  • I have to agree with you there tiger lilly, your baby just looks like a Gabriel to me! I suppose thats partly because I knew what you were planning on calling him.
  • We named both our names before they were born and like tiger lily says it automatically suited them as we had got to know them as them whilst in my belly. I have got Madison Hope and Isabella Faith. Plus they were names we both liked from the beginning and agreed on. With lil man, as it was such a shock finding out we were having a lil boy it took us a lot longer to find a name, yet we have agreed on George and I cant imagine changing it now and he isnt even here!

    I am so so glad I like the girls names though and I always tell them it as the amount of times in one day you have to say their name or to tell them off, you feel like a broken record!

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