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Morning all!

Hubby wants to have a look at nursery linen this evening and decide what we'd like for our nursery - we've got w/c 20 Oct off work and we will be painting and decorating the nursery then (preparing the basic room I mean).

He wants to paint it bright colours i.e. pastel yellows or greens. I've said we need to choose a bright linen set then as a cream / white linen set won't really go... I really want to stick with creams and whites (as I want a dark wood cot) but not sure he is willing to compromise on this!!!

We've got the Mamas and Papas catalogue and the Mothercare catalogue. Is there anywhere else that we can look at for those 'sets' of linen for the nursery? Mum and I went to John Lewis on Sat but the nursery dept. (Reading) was quite small so we didn't really see a lot.

Joo xxx
11+5 (I think!)


  • Hi Joo

    Babies r Us do cute sets too, umm, vertbeadet too, but thats in a catalogue or online.

    Sorry, not alot of help!

    Naomi xx
  • Hi Joo, just thought I'd say that we've painted our nursery bright yellow and have white/cream linen for the cot. The cot is maple wood so is quite light and I think the colours go really well! We got the I Love My Bear range from babies r us.

    I'd post some pics for you to have a look at but I'm at work so unfortunately it's banned :roll:

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