had physio today

hi ladies i went for physio today cos i been having some lower back pain and pain in my hips!!.....the physiotherapist made me feel like i was a right hypocondriact(sp!)she started by sayin "u are pregnant and obviously going to have some pain and discomfort"so i told her i knew to expect some pain as i had been pregnant before but i have been in quite alot of pain , she kept sayin well everything in moving and ligamients are stretching and stuff then she totally went off on one about my pelvic floor and how important it was to excersize it !!i know this as it is weak but i have never really been shown??(i know i cant be shown properly cos u cant see it)she just spent the whole time showing me excersizes for it and not about my back then she gave me a support belt and said "i wont book u in again cos i cant help u only u can help ureself "and shoved a load of leaflets about back excersizes and pelvic floor excersizes in my hand ........so ladies EXCERSIZE URE PELVIC FLOOR !!lol no i really mean it now i know how im going to do it all the time .....ok rant over x x x xx x x


  • thanks j bean im not sure what the point was really but i guess i got to get out of work for an hour and i got a support band x x x
  • lol!!!! u can actually buy a watch which beeps every 10 mins to remind u to do them!!! but they are important muscles, they're the sling that holds everything in, and make labour easier!!! the majority of women who hav a prolapse either after birth or later in life hav it cause they don't do their pelvic floor!! so get exercising those muscles ladies, it's all worth it in the end!!!!
  • my physio is bad, all she is willing to do is supporting exercises even though i have a central disk hernation in my back and cant take my morphine for the pain.

    she says that most physios will only do that sort of exercises with pg women as they dont want to cause too much risk or possible mc. which makes me wonder they the hell they have antenatal physio!
  • Ive got my 1st physio for SPD on Monday, hope the nurse isnt like that with me!! Ill just crack up!

    Ive been waiting for 6 weeks for my support belt, damn hospital!! :x

    Is our belt helping Lisa?

    Sharon x

  • hi ladies thanks for your replies, i think the more the week goes on the worse the pain is .....in answer to you sharon the belt is a bit of a pain so far cos im not sitting or standing alot at work a bit of both and u have to take it off when sitting down !!then its a pain to put back on cos i cant see under my belly image lol......any way i think it will all be worth the pain in the end not long now only 12 weeks or so eh .....and in the mean time pelvic floor 1-2-3 oh there it goes .....ha ha x x x x:lol:
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