does anyone get...

It's like a shooting pain if you slip your legs a particular way ( i know it sounds awful lol) but i mean if i'm getting out of a low car or something if my legs are at a certain angle it hurts down below! also yesterday felt like the baby was kicking my pelvic bone...

prob normal but just thought id ask... x


  • It's probably just your body moving in a slightly different direction from normal and lo reacting? I don't really know, sorry, just know that I get all kinds of unexplainable shooting pains which I haven't had before and it must be lo. The worst is one right across my stomach if I try to get up to quickly - feels like something is ripping, nice!
    As for getting out of a low car - oh has a puma nad I need a crane to get me out of there!!
    Mel x
  • i've had problems with my pelvis in this pregnancy.Try keeping your legs together when u get out of the car,out of bed atc and it should help.Hope this is usefull hun xx
  • lol I'm laughing at keeping my legs together I have been trying just shows i must not always be as lady like as i like to think i am haha! but glad i'm not alone at least! image
  • i get those feeling all the time! sometimes i nearlly fall over when i get those pains down below! also i feel as if the baby is constantly punching me in the pelvis! its very uncomfortable but think its just him trying to get comfy as it cant be very plesant having your head rubbing against someones pelvis! xx
  • does it feel like the babys putting pressure on a nerve? i get this and my lo has a habbit of giving it a good kick which is like a shooting feeling, not so much pain but like a weird twinge. he rolls along it also and can sometimes feel as if hes going to fall out hehe xx
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