A question for anyone who is self employed

I am really hoping you ladies can help me.

I am self employed as an employment law consultant and I am now panicking like crazy as I just don't see how I can possibly keep my business going during maternity leave.

I have businesses who use me on a regular basis and it is literally just me. I don't have (at the moment) any back up like you would as an employee and as such I am really fearful that I will lose my existing clients. If I sold 'things' it would be easier but because I sell a service, my clients will naturally expect me to be there or they will go elsewhere. The only option I have is to link up with another consultant and see if we can get some sort of reciprocation going - i.e when they are away I am 'on call' and vice versa.

Does anyone else have this worry? Maternity allowance is all very well but the 'keeping in touch' days do not take into account that someone who is self employed has to try and maintain their business even whilst on maternity leave.

I am having sleepless nights over this and to know that I am not alone would be great.

Sorry this is so long.




  • I am in the same position. I work for myself (just me) as a dog groomer so if i am not avaliable people will take their dogs else where but then i stand a chance of losing my customers. So i have tried to arrange the appointments so i am working till 2 weeks before (hoping LO doesn't come early) and then starting again 2 weeks after birth!! not ideal but unfortunatly its the only way i can do it. but i am lucky because i only work part time.
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