to show off bump or hide away??

Hi Ladies,

Just a bit of fun on this dull friday night for me stuck in home alone..was just wondering what your thoughts were on showing off your new pregnant shape?

I'm 17 weeks so just have a nice neat bump, and prefer to show off its shape at the moment in fitted tops and dresses, but my mum keeps pestering me to start wearing my smocks! (i bought loads of cheap loose smocky tops from primark for ??1 for when i'm big in the summer!)

I'm proud of my shape and want to show it off..but just wondered what you all though?t! If i wear something loose i don't look pregnant at all at the moment (i just feel fat and frumpy), and figure i've got months left to hide away so i should make the most of not being to huge!

What have you all been wearing??xx


  • I'm still wearing my normal stuff but love it when my clothes are fitted around by bump which a lot are lately. I've always wanted to show it off though and can't wait to get bigger!! mil has mentioned smocks but i have to say i'm not keen!! I like to keep bump covered though but still wanna show it off. When I go shopping for tops just get ones with stech in them to grow with me image xxx
  • Hi from as soon as i found out i was preg i have shown off my bump and will do till its not there anymore im so proud of mine plus its the only time you can parade about all fat and not have to worry about it lol i think you should wear whatever you feel most comfortable in weather it be tight to show off or loose good luck sophie32+3 xx

  • show it off, why cover it up!

    I bought some normal top, just some longer/stretchy ones which can go over bumo nd not ride up. I tried some aternity tops on today. They all made me look frumpy or fat (as small on top) or made my bump look massive. Im making the most of my neat bump! i prefer wearing my old stuff as the fit better and show off my bump without looking as thought they are too small. xxx
  • As you can tell from my avatar I'm all for showing it off! I like wearing fitted tops but I wouldn't go as far as wearing a bikini as I have really red purply stretchmarks and a rash cos they itch!
  • Show it off! I still have a few tops that I can fit into that show off my bump but others make me feel fat! Love my maternity clothes now as they really show it off! Think we should all be really proud of our bumps whatever their size!!!
    Tammi xxx
    26 weeks
  • Me too I love showing bump off have done with all 3! I always find the tops that try top conceal bump just make me look fat and are really unflattering on me, being short too it looks like I have stuck a tent over my head.

    I love vest style tops a sthey seem to show off my bump more.

  • Definitely show off the bump! Mine's not very big yet but I'd much rather wear fitted tops than something loose, although having said that I think the looser tops will come in handy for after the birth!
  • Show it off!!! Have worn my normal stretchy tops for as long as poss and am just changing to buying things in bigger sizes, ie stretchy t-shirts etc!
    Sarah xx
  • I like showin my bump off but under my clothes, i don't want every1 seein my bare tummy! I'm wearin mainly normal tight tops that are long so my bump doesn't pop out! I love showin off my bump especially now it looks like a bump and not jst fat!
  • i wear clothes that hug my bump. i love showing my new shape off. i wear longer tops that fit close to my bump and show off the curves around my hips. i wear alot of henleys, goldigga,bench, playboy and mkenzie stuff with bright colours that stand out more. i dont flash any flesh though lol
  • I tend to wear stuff that keeps my bump under wraps (not least because it is cold out there!) but makes it as obvious as possible. Last time round my bump was pretty small and until I was quite far gone it was difficult to tell if I had just eaten too many cakes! This time bump is more obvious so I am enjoying showing it off.
  • I too show mine off with pride.

    What we as women are doing is pretty damn amazing and I don't and never will understand women who try and hide it.
  • it is amazing. I left daisy with mum yesterday for one hour while we changed some presents that were too small for her she nearly ten pound now!! too busy on saturday with newborn. And i saw 3 pregnant girls all massive bumps like mine was and i was a bit jealous!! I wanted to rush babck and get my baby, and i had a real crap pregnancy so girls show it off while you can
  • When I was first pregnant I was always so jealous of women with huge bumps (didn't get mine till 4 months) so I am really enjoying showing mine off. I think all pregnant women are gorgeous, always have, I'm not sure what it is!
  • Hi,
    I was still wearing my normal pre-pregnancy clothes until about 22-24 weeks & I was able to get away with some of my trousers until about 27 weeks then I had to give in to maternity stretch but it's really your own personal choice.
    I wear what I feel comfortable in & because there's such a good choice of maternity wear so readily available I don't feel too much like i'm wearing the traditional horrible pregnancy clothes!
    Lauren (37weeks) xx
  • flaunt it for sure! i have baggy tops which i dont like as you cant see my bump as well, i feel really womanly with my tighter, fitted tops on!
    x x
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