tip toeing in with a ............

BFP!!!!! OMG! i am so excited..

After 7 months of trying and alot of down days i finally got a BFP. Im not due AF till friday but have been having some twinges and sore nipples for a few days so thought id do one to rule it out and stop me thinking about it and the line came up straight away!!!!

What do i do now???? I havent got a clue what to do?

Also how do i work out a rough due date?



  • Congratulations!!!!
    Next step is to ring your GP and have your pregnancy confirmed. They will also pass on your details to your midwife. You can use the calculator on this site to get your due date. You basically just add 40 weeks from the first day of your last period.
    Hope you have a very happy and healthy 9 months!!!

    Cat xxx
  • Yay congratulations!

    Do you know how many dpo ovulation you are? You can use this to work out a rough due date or if you have nice regular cycles any calendar (there is one on this site) will work it out for you.

    If you think you're less than 4 weeks pregnant I'd probably wait until AF was due and then make an appt with your doctor to get your pregnancy registered and the ball rolling.

    I tested 10dpo on cd 25 and here I am now at 22+3! x
  • Thans girls, just been looking on line and it says im roughly 3 weeks and due date is 26th september how exciting!!!!

    Goonie, i remember talking to you over in TTC ages ago, cant believe i can finally join you over here... My name on here used to be stephspear... you most prob dont remember.

  • I do I do! I thought it was you but didnt want to mention your old username in case you had changed it for a reason!

    Lovely to see you over here, you must be over the moon! x
  • Congrats hunny welcome to the club! Get to your GP and they will sort everything from there



  • Congrats! Just call in at your docs and ask the receptionist. Some docs have different policies. I didn't need to see the doc, they just gave me Midwife registration forms to fill in and the MW contacted me the following week. xx
  • Congrats !

    Like the other girls have said you need to call your doctors. Mine asked me to come in but didnt confirm my pregnancy just told me to book in with midwife, I know of other girls though whose GP didnt want to see them and just told them to book in with Midwife at around 7-8 weeks pg so it can depend on your own surgery.

    MrsW 28+4
  • awww congrats huni!!!
    luv clare


  • congratulations and welcome to the preg forum image xx
  • Hi honey not sure if you remember me image I am so over the moon for you that you have got your BFP image I feel on month 7 as well woo hoo.

    Welcome over here image

    K xx

  • congratulations. xxx
  • aww i like it over here already everyone is so friendly!!

    K-LOU!! How could i forget you, you are the CM queen and taught me everything i knew!!! Becuase i never got a + on the OPK if it wasnt for your knowledge i may have never got my BFP!!!!!

  • Ahh really??? I am really really happy to see you over here, lucky number 7 I think image It's just an amazing feeling when you see that BFP eh, I could not breath when I got mine I just there crying.

    k XX

  • same im in just complete shock! i was doing the test this morning and in my head i was thinking to myself " why are you doing this, its a waste of time!" i was brushing my teeth and glanced down and my jaw just dropped!!! I was running around the house to check it in every light to make sure lol

    how ar eyou getting on? when is your first scan?

  • I am doing ok thank you, am 10 weeks and 4 days now had an early scan done at 9 +3 and we saw the baby and the heart beating strong and it was very active as well.

    I have not actually heard from my MW yet for my booking in app so have to wait to have that first and then I think they book you in for your scan, I hope it's soon.

    I have been really sick though so I really hope you do not get that.

    K xx

  • I have already had a look into getting an early scan, have found a website called babybond that do them near me for ??95, i think i will do that. There is no way i will be able to wait 12 weeks!!!

    DO you actually feel pregant?

  • We went with baby bond and it was soooo worth it. I went just after 9 weeks as I was told if you see a heart beat around 9 weeks it's a very good sign.

    I do yeah, the sickness is reminding me every second it gets!!! It's wonderful though as there are other times that I feel good but still feel pregnant and it is a wonderful feeling.

    I never started to feel pregnant till I was about 6/7 weeks gone. I found out when I was 5.5 weeks pregnant.

    K xx

  • Ok now i am wondering after someones reply in TTC.

    Is it normal for the line to come up so strong and so dark 5 days before AF is due???

    Could it be more than one in there???

    That must of been amazing seeing the heart beat so early, are you eating any differently or taking and supplements other than folic acid?
    When are you going to tell everyone or have you already!

    (sorry so many questions)

  • Yes it is normal. Mine came up very very dark and very fast as well though this was the day my af was due 14 DPO i thought it could be twins as well as they run in my family but we are only having one and the lady who did the scan said it is normal to get a strong BFP and just have one baby.

    I am still taking my Folic Acid and just trying to eat better though I have been sick for the last 5 weeks that i have really gone off my food so i am not worrying to much about what i am eating right now as long as I fancy something i have it. I went through a stage of having Salt and Vinger chip sticks could not get enough of it now its ice cream.

    Told most of our family as i was 8 weeks on Christmas day and so ill and also my b day was the 15th of dec and everybody was trying to make me drink. Not told work yet really want to but just want to see the 12 week scan first before we say anything.

    Ask what ever you want hun you can email me if you like.

    k XX

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