Is this labour starting?

I'm 38+3 and since yesterday I've had terrible backache and the sort of crampy feeling you get when your period is due. Today the backache has become a really intense pressure in my bum (!!) and I've been having strong contractions - but not regular ones. They've been coming anywhere between 20 minutes and 5 minutes, but not really in a pattern.
No sign of waters going and not had a full show, just random bits of mucus over the last couple of weeks.
I was induced last time so not sure how labour starts when you go naturally.


  • I felt a bit like this from about 37 weeks last time - although it came and went a fair bit, in the end I had to be induced. I guess if you can keep the contractions going (bounce on a birth ball, or walk up and down stairs a lot) then you might be able to get yourself into proper labour - but it might just all stop. good luck.
  • umm, sounds like it to me, good luck over the next couple of days!

    Keep us updated!

    Gem x
  • My labour started differently but I have heard women say this is how it started. They had a few days like that before the contractions started in a pattern.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks girls, I'm still here though.
    The contractions got to 4 minutes apart in a really strong pattern until 1am. They were painful but bearable so I decided to try and get some sleep in case I had a long night ahead, but by the time this morning came around they'd stopped.
    I feel a bit cheated now!
  • That happened to me a couple of times. I went to bed thinking - 'When I wake up I'll be in proper labour' and then it all stopped overnight! It's sooooo rubbish isn't it!?
  • Aw, Sounds like you've had your 'practice run' sweetie. I had this with my second too (was also induced with my first so didn't know what to expect). They also got to 4-5 mins apart and then stopped.

    Hopefully next time it'll be the real thing!

  • yeah sound like BH to me, my first labour started with just a show then an hour later i was getting mild contractions that were regular, then an hour after that full blown ones.

    second was spontaneous, no signs just full blown contractions every 4 mins

    third and fourth waters broke 2 days before labour started
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