I just got the delight of being diagnosed with PGP (pelvic girdle pain), now I have never heard of this but these were my symptoms:

Shooting pain in my bum when I get up
Period like pains in my sides.
Achy painful hips
Clicking hips and knees

I asked the midwife what this was and she said PGP which is a form of SPD basically with PGP you feel the pain in the back and with SPD you feel the pain in the front (pubic area). Now I have to go for physio etc as walking and sleeping and sitting (well more or less everything) is getting quite painful.

Has anyone else heard of PGP or been diagnosed with it?



  • god, it's sounding more and more likely that this is what I've got too, bugger!!!!
  • That does sound quite a lot like what I've got. I have just tried to make an appointment to see my midwife but they have to book them in order so the only appointment they can give me is 2.30 which is bang in the middle of Millie's nap time. Apparantly if I phone on Friday they might be able to give me a later appointment, how crap is that!
  • Hi Caz I also got diagnosed with this on friday and wondered exactly the same as you!

    My gp prescribed me painkillers and I am to see how I go for next couple of weeks then will be referred to physio. My midwife also suggested a support belt, to hold everything together as she said it was the softening of the bones and them stretching further apart so a support belt should hold everything together more to ease the pain. I am going shopping tomorrow and going to go into boots and grab one and see how I get on with this.

    Hope this helps xx
  • That sucks, I seem to have been really lucky with appointments so far image I rung the midwife at the hospital and she said "Ohhhh you chose the perfect day to tell me about your pain as I have an appointment for you tomorrow at 10 for an hour of physio" I was expecting a nightmare trying to get listened to but they have been brilliant.

    I hadn't even heard of PGP before and thought that because the pain was primarily in my hips and my back rather than my pubic area that it could not possibly be SPD, but clearly I was wrong.

  • what does spd stand for? I think I have this too should i ring my mid wife? x
  • SPD stand for Symphysis Pubis Disorder image

    If you think you have it I would def ring mw to get checked out as leaving it will only make it worse.

    Hey Madnbella - Was your described as PGP or SPD? my bum hurts so frickin' much lol and my right hip doesn't really move anymore I am practically dragging it behind me like quazimodo (sp) lol

  • Thanks very much ive rang and left a message and waitting for them to get back to me! x
  • I was reading a leaflet at MW a few weeks ago and I think they are trying to make SPD more commonly known as PGP. I think this has been done to encompass all types of apin in the pelvic area whereas as SPD really refers to one particular joint. I think the re-naming has happened to reflect the fact that different parts of the pelvic region can be affected and cause pain in different places - which people frequenltly report

  • I've been diagnosed as having SPD but my pain can vary! Somedays I have it really bad in my back but other days it can be my hips or pelvis! Today I had to describe to my physio how my pain felt and I told her "when I had dolls I used to pull their legs out as far as elastic would let me then twist them out and put them back and it feels like someones done that to me. Does that make sense to some of you?

    I also mentioned to her about having details on maternity notes and she said to take them in before I give birth and she will make sure that it is documented on my notes how far my legs will open! Would suggest you all get this done!

    Glad you have all been diagnosed and not snubbed so are getting the right treatment!

    Take care ladies,
    Love Lee
  • makes perfect sense to me, yesturday I swear someone tied some rope to my leg and was pulling it out to the side!!
  • Ive just left a reply to a question like this. Im really suffering badly with spd and may have to use crutches towards the end of my pregnancy. I started a course of accupunture today and apperntley this can really help without having to take loads of pain killers!!!! Check with your midwife and see if your hospital offer this service, if it's free you have nothing to lose except the pain!!!!
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