Hi ladies

Just after a bit of advice, im 38 + 2 and for the last few days ive been having little bits of clear jelly like streaks (sorry if tmi) it is different to the normal discharge im getting but just wondering if im just wishful thinking that the plug is coming away??




  • No blood, I know wishful thinking that it would be the start as fed up now lol!

  • Hi ya,

    I didnt have any blood with my plug and mine started going at 38 weeks and joshua was born 1 day late xxx
  • Hi, when I read or was told about the 'plug' I envisioned this little lump of gel like thing with bits of pink in like most of the books say but when I went into labour I had - & sorry if TMI following! - continuous slime (clear) & when they told me to have 'a nice bath' I freaked when this bright red lump came out (like liver) which I bagged & sent my hubby with to the nearest midwife only to be told that this was my plug! eugh!

    Good luck with your impending labour!

  • with my first baby my plug come out in one and it was bloody and gooey.but this preg ive been having the exactly the same as you louise but its been coming away for over 2weeks now and im sure its the plug.
    jennie 39wks xxx
  • Hi I lost my plug at 24 weeks before going into premature labour which thankfully they were able to stop. It was a blob of jelly like stuff with pinky bloody bits in it. lol sorry if tmi!
  • i had that exact stuff as my show about a week before i went into labour and kept losing little bits until the day before. i never had a bloody show until i was in labour. u dont have to have blood in it to defo be your plug. hope this helps and good luck!! xx
  • Cheers ladies - ooohh im just impatient lol!
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