embaressing question!

Sorry before i start, i know this is tmi!Lol! Im only 22 weeks, but i seem to have loads of pressure down below, when im sitting down or standing up, it goes when i lay down!Its so uncomfortable, it feel as if its really low down by the pubic bone, then even lower down by the perinium! I could understand later on, as the baby would be big and dropping lower down. But is it normal to have this so early on?


  • Hi Tasha
    I've had this a couple of times - tbh, no idea what it is, i assume just the way baby is lying sometimes?!
    This is my first, so not sure what to expect along the way!
    Sarah xx
    PS - am 24+3 weeks now!
  • HI,

    I have this to usually when I am sitting at my desk baby moves and presses his head right down low and seems to punch out and it feels like his arm will come out lol I get loads of pressure and it makes me need to pee but when I get up and walk around he moves again and it goes, either that or I poke him a little and he moves.

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