Prams and pushchairs

Hi All

We are 17+2 with our first and are just starting to think about what pram/pushchair we may want.
Just seen the thread about Silver Cross not being too good at all and wondered if any of you ladies could remomend any particular one that you have already as being good?



  • Which Thread about silver cross, i didnt see it? What did it say??

  • my oh works in mothercare and he's insisting we get a bugaboo cameleon! it's a lot of money but everyone he has known to get one has absolutly loved it and said it is well worth the money.
    he also sees so many of the cheaper pushchairs coming in with problems and needing repair etc but he's never had a Bugaboo back!
  • maille, it's the thread titled "so angry" in the baby forum

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