Hi everyone!

This is prob a really stupid question, but was jst wonderin how long does baby stay in a crib for b4 they go into a proper cot?


Lizzy xxx


  • About 6-9 months i think. But it depends on the size of your baby so could be earlier could be later xx
  • If you mean one of this little swinging or gliding cribs then my mothercare catologue says they can be used until approx 6 months - i think it depends how soon you LO can pull/sit themselves up. Moses basket tend to be a bit smaller and can be less stable once baby can roll itself over. I cant decide whther to get one - I really like the idea of a crib because I could have it realy close to the bed so i can rock it in the night but i will still want a moses basket to use elsewhere in the house. I cant decide if its worth it for 6 months.
  • Thanks for the replies
    That's the reason i couldn't decide whether it was worth it or not cos it's too expensive for me to get both, but think i prefer the idea of a crib cos as u said redpod u can rock the baby
  • I absolutely love cribs especially the gliding/rocking ones. However, they aren't very practical as you can't move them round the house as u can with a moses basket. Also a moses basket can go in the cot so the baby gets used to being in a cot. You can get rocking stands for them though xxx
  • Just to add to the dilema you can buy rocking stands for moses baskets - but personally i think they are okay for daytime naps but wouldnt want to use one as a nightime bed as they dont seem as stable and i think a crib can have a better mattress and is more like a mini cot. I have the same dilema although I am coming close to getting both. I'm anticipating that our parents are going to offer to get something at some stage and I'm thinking I'll seize the chance to get my crib then (and for the first time ever I'm seeing the silver lining in both our parents being divorced! - shame on me!)
  • I agree bout the stands for moses baskets, i'd b paranoid bout it fallin over. Both my sisters have used a crib 4 theirs so think will prob b doin the same. Still got a while to decide tho and in that time i'll prob change my mind lots of times!
  • My lo was in her crib for about 7 weeks, that's it! It was a beautiful swinging crib but she was almost 10lbs when she was born and she just started to look too big! When she wriggled (and she did a lot of it!) it would swing too much and although I could lock the swinging mechanism that kind of defeated the object! She also like having her arms free and would often get them through the bars on the side.
    I would personally not recommend spending a lot of money on one - perhaps have a look on e bay if your heart is set on having one and just buy a new mattress.
    I wish someone had told me this cos it would have saved me ??75!!
  • Good point about the arms Donnasmullen - i hadn't thought about arms! I can just imagine that. MMm now you've got me thinking again! .... (just read your posting to hubby and you've convinced him!)
  • Swaddling is a good way of getting rid of the risk of trapped arms but Poppy hated it and would scream the house down until you freed them!! During the day she would sleep in the carrycot part of her pram (ideal because I could rock her to & fro when she was crying) and then when she outgrew her crib she was into her cot in her own room cos there was no room for it in ours! She sleeps much better in there anyway and I have a video monitor so can see her better than I could if she was next to me anyway!
    It's a minefield trying to decide what to buy etc and sometimes you can end up spending money on things that just aren't worth it when it could be used for something else instead!
    Good luck!
  • Hi Donnasmullen,
    Wot did u put ur lo in after the crib?

  • I've often wondered is it a good idea to put a baby straight into a cot? After all they say they are suitable from birth so you could do that, I think the only problem is a lot of babies don't feel settled in one straight away.
    I think I will be buying a moses basket and just putting it in the cot xxx
  • Lizzy, after the crib we put her straight into her cot in her own room and she has slept through since she was 10 weeks!
  • I will be trying to put this lo straight into the cot. It worked with my last son, he settled straight away so am hoping it will with this one. Thing is we can only fit a little cot from Ikea in our room so hopefully it shouldnt feel tooo huge for baby!
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