Wierd period

Hi everyone!

I would like your opinion pls..my period is always regular maximium 1 day early and yesterday i had sex and i notice a tiny bit of blood,almost nothing at al and today in the midle of the day i get a lot of cramps(like nrmal in my period) and light beeding ..dark brown blood but when wiped is red blood..and have a texture like viscous ( TMI ..sorry) so basically 2 days almost 3 days earlier. 

Probably paranoid but we had sex 1 day before my ovulation day..so i got a bit worried now...

Could you help me pls?

Thank you :)


  • Did you do the test? Yes it can be nothing but yes you might be pregnant :) use first response test and check 

  • I don't think so..i had 2 days of heavy bleeding after the first day and then i start to spott and is going now 4 days just spotting brown blood..i never spotted this long.nrmaly 1 or maximum 2 days

  • I'd say you're not pregnant. Implantation bleeding isn't heavy. Did you do the test? It will be positive by now if you're pregnant :)

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