1 positive pregnancy test the rest negative


hello everyone, I recently took a preg test Sunday at 10am out the blue. Something said take a test! I took it and boom POSITIVE! Later that night at 10pm took a clear blue one Neg :( then, took more dollar store ones (NOT THE Same brand as the first) on Monday Neg:(. Went in to the doc for urine only tuesday. (neg). So 1 positive 3 neg... could I be pregnant ? Is it too early? I haven't missed a period yet! I have 1.5 week for it. I'm getting over anxious ! Has anyone else went through this ? I posted the positive kne . 


  • that is very strange, the test looks very positive! Stick to well known brands. Get first response test maybe. If it's negative I'd say you're not pregnant

  • I followed it by with a clear blue test that same day and it said not pregnant. Took it again the book came up. Monday has been negatives too. :(.  so disappointing receiving these . I've never gotten a posiitve ! Ever , so this is strange . 

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