is this ok?

aww she is bootiful!!


  • we live in a 3 storey house. our bedroom is on the top floor.
    the nursery is on the 2nd floor.
    the plan is to put baby in the crib in our room to sleep at night.
    we have the baby monitors. will it be ok for hubby and me to be on bottom floor in the living room while baby is on top floor in crib or is the distance too much?
  • It sould tell you on the instruction how many metres it will work with.
    I'm only up and down and it works fine for me but not sure about being 3 up.

  • It will be fine, It really not that different to you being in a normal 2 storey house. you will have a monitor, you will hear any little noise they make.

    and if nothing else you will lose all the baby weight when you react to every sound bubs makes lol
  • Ooh I hadn't thought of this. We live in a 3 storey house too but always assumed that the baby would be in a moses basket or carrycot downstairs with us until we go to bed. When he's moved into his own room a bit later on he'll obviously still be a floor away though! x
  • We had this dilemna and ended up moving to the same floor as the baby... our bedroom was on the top floor and our 2 spare rooms were on the middle floor.
    Our main reason is that I am not going with getting up in the middle of the night in the dark, I will trip over on something non existant and we didn't want me doing that when I go off to give baby their night feeds!
    Our room is literally across the hallway from the nursery and the bathroom is in-between.
    It's been a big change as we've gone from a lovely master suite upstairs to a much smaller bedroom and bathroom that only just fits our stuff!!!

    Joo xxx
  • thanks for the replys. i think hubby and i will be going to bed not long after bump!!

    for naps during the day i was thinking of putting her in the cot in the nursery or leave her in bouncy chair if shes feel asleep in it.
  • Joo, we thought of doing this too but I just couldn't give up our bedroom. What have you done with the room? On our middle floor we have the nursery and then our guest room, is your master suite now ultimately a guest room? x
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