what are you measuring?

been measured today and im 32+2wks and im measuring 37+2wks. What is everyone else measuring?
Tori XxX :\)


  • Hi! I'm 37+5wks but aam only measuring 35 weeks. Luckily though its just my bump cos the mw told me the baby is big. XXX
  • hi how many weeks were you when you started getting measured?. this is my second, i am almost 26 wks (on friday) but havent been measured yet, but with my first i had been measured long before now. i know there have been some changes (cut backs) to the care we are to be given now.

    but anyway i had a scan on monday because id had some bleeding and that put me 2 weeks bigger! so at least i know its just the baby thats bigger than average and not me! but she did say that next week it could go smaller for dates again so it makes no diff to end result necessarily, so nothing to worry about (esp since im early on and if its big now then it is a worry!)
  • Started being measured round about 28 weeks I think. I'm now 35+2 and measuring 36weeks. Was measuring 35 weeks when I was 32 weeks though so seems like things are getting back to normal!!
  • thanks in my last pregnancy i was constantly small for dates, but this time i think i am much bigger, bit worried its gonna be a big one! my first was only 7lb2
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