Heartbeat date?


I was hoping someone could answer my question...

When is the earliest a heartbeat can be detected? Did any of you have an early scan which showed one?


Hoping you're all well,
Em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I think its 5 weeks generally but may be earlier according to some sites. I heard with early scan and little one at 6 weeks.
    Filo x
  • Thanks filo image
  • i think its 6weeks x
  • I had a scan through the epu at 6wks exactly and they saw a heartbeat babe!

    Hope this helps

    Love Lee
  • It's between 6 and 7 weeks - tho it can be earlier, they don't like to check for one earlier because it might worry you! I had my early scan at 6+5 and they saw a heartbeat (with abdominal scan) so maybe an internal would have been earlier. If you go for an early scan, ask for a picture because it's amazing to look back at that little bean and think wow that's my baby! xxxxx


  • I saw mine at 5.5 weeks but they said this was quite early, think its usually at about 6-7 weeks xx
  • I had an internal last week at 5 and 3 days and they couldn't see one then i had an abdominal one yesterday at 6 weeks and 3 days and the clinical report said that heart pulsations were seen.

  • Thanks for your replies ladies. Did a bit of research too and it does seem to be around the 6 week mark.

    I ask because I got a bfp this week (hooray after 2 consec mcs and a lot of upset) and because I have recently been diagnosed with a blood clotting thing, I need to begin injections as soon as a heartbeat is detected.

    Had a scan on thurs which showed I was roughly 4 weeks and am booked in for next thurs when I'll be about 5 weeks. Your replies have reassured me that should no heartbeat be seen next week, it's too early to panic (although I'm sure I will be a bit gutted at waiting another week to find out!).

    Really appreciate all your replies and hope that you're all doing great,
    Love Em xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Good luck Em - fingers crossed for you and at least now you know you're looking at another couple of weeks for the heatbeat!

    Filo - how you doing chick?x
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