should they still be so sore??

hi girls i just wondered if at 18+4 my bbs should still be this sensitive and some days quite painful?? i also cant believe how big they have gotten are they going to stop growing or what?? lol??

i also keep getting a funny very sharp sensation in my belly, just on top of my bump over my belly button, it can only be described as like someone pulling on an elastic band really hard and letting go but without the sting? does that make sense? it really takes me by surprise and even makes me say ouch out loud sometimes, its happened about 4 times over the past week or so?? anyone shed any light???



  • Hi Chloe

    I'm 16+2 and think my boobs have just started another growth spurt, as they're very sore and getting noticably bigger for the first time in a while! don't know how long it will go on for though.
    also getting similar sensations in my belly, think that's jsut ligaments and muscle stretching, but i think if it gets very painful maybe talk to your midwife?

    aileen xx
  • From what i remember from my last 2, my boobs stayed sore throughout, but not as sore as in the first few weeks! And i'm sorry to say they dont stop growing either!! They do ease up though. I'm 13 weeks now and still sore but not quite as sore as i was this time last month!
  • i just cant remember it like this with my othe3 they were a long time ago 10 yrs but i am sure i would have remembered this agony, i am 18+4 now and they are worse now than in the beggining and they are huge!!
  • Im 21 weeks and boobs are in agony. Red hot, leaking and gone up a cup size in past month. Sooooooo sore!
  • Mine are so sore too but I think I have a while longer to put up with them judging by your posts - I'm only 7+2!

    Mine are so sore and heavy that I've been waking up in the mornings with neck ache (they were 34G before I got pregnant). I thought we may need new pillows but tried sleeping with my bra on last night and am much better this morning. Have just invested in a couple of non-wired maternity bras to wear in bed. Can't wait for them to arrive ;\)
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