Raspberry Tea

Anyone else drinking this? did it have any effect on you? i starting drinking it today, just wondering if it has any positive effects on anyone?


  • is it better to drink the tea or are the tablets just as good. nearly 30 weeks so just wondering so i can get my self ready. i dont like hot drinks so hoping the tablets are just the same.
  • Hi, i started drinking raspberry leaf tea at about 37 weeks with my 1st and my lo was born on her due date after a 24 hour labour tho. My contractions were very intense from the start as the tea is supposed to make then more effective.
    I am now pregnant with baby no.2 and do plan again to drink the tea as i quite enjoyed it and im convienced that it helpt me give birth on time and not go over.

    I also used the tablets, im sure they had the same effect.

    Good luck hun xx
  • I may be wrong, but i seem to remember being told i should start drinking it a few weeks before my due date because it does something to your cervix to bring on labour? is that right?
    I started drinking it (i think) at around 35 weeks ish. I ended up being induced at 38 weeks due to obstetric cholestasis, and had a very very quick labour! (just under 2 hours) Obviously i'll never know for sure, but i'd like to think all the things i had been doing (the tea, nipple stimulation, sex, pineapple) prepared my body for labour which is what made it so easy.
    Needless to say i will be trying it all again with this one! Whats the betting i go 2 weeks over lol
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