i dont know how to feel help please

hi every one im sorry to put this but i dont know who else to tell
i dont know if its just me becouse i have had a crap pregancey so far and a death in the family last week i just dont feel anything for this baby im carrying im 28 weeks +2 i dont feel i can talk to anyone incase pepole think im being silly im just so scered that i wont love this baby
i had post antal deprestion with my last baby but that was 9 years ago
its just evey time i feel the baby move i start crying becouse i know its there and comeing into my life
its horrible becouse i wanted this baby so uch before i got pergnant
is it me am i going mad
sorry about spelling:cry: :cry:


  • Amanda123 - you're definately not mad and you're certainly not silly

    I agree with brodiesmum - speak to your MW or GP and don't dither about it - see him/her as soon as you can. There are lots of women who have feelings like yours and your MW should be able to help you. I'm sure that they are much better at helping depressed mothers than they were 9 years ago. I'm lucky, I am enjoying my pregnancy and have no history of depression but my MW has certainly made it very clear to me that I should speak to her and she will help me if my feelings change and that if I do feel depressed there will be help for me. Did your MW ask you about your last pregnancy? Is she aware you had post natal depression last time? If not please make sure you let her know. Don't bottle it up - feel free to share your worries with us if you want to - sometimes it helps to get things off your chest. You've obviously had a lot of extra worries that have made things harder for you.

    Take care of yourself.
  • Hi Amanda, i agree with the other ladies, you need to speak to your mw rght away. Dont be embarassed to tell her how your feeling. post natal depression is a common illness, its not just in your head and the sooner you speak to someone about it the sooner you can start to enjoy your pregnancy and hopefully start looking forward to your little one.
    I know it must seem like this pregnancy is a cloud over your head, especially with the loss you've just suffered, but things can get better with some help.
    I hope things start to improve for you, take care ok!
    love lis
  • I understand what post natal depression can do as I had it with my last pregnancy and things went wrong because I did not get the correct help. I have been so scared during this pregnancy as I do not want a repeat but have spoken to my midwife and extra precautions have been put in place for when baby arrives. This sounds like something you need to look into with your MW. You are not alone with this and can get help.
    I wish you all the best.
  • Hi - You need support and help. Ante natal depression is very real. You definately need to speak to your midwife asap and also your GP if necessary - they WILL be able to help you. Have you got family or friends who can support you too?
    Please don't leave it too long to get help xx
  • if u need to speak my msn/email is [email protected] add me and we can chat xx
  • thanks every one i am seeing my mw tomorrow and i will tell them how i feel just hope they do understained like you have all been saying i have my husband but thats it realy we live in the middle of no where on a farm so dont get to talk to anyone realy thanks again for all your messages its helped knowing im not going mad ( that might sound stange )
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