saw da bubba

I've been for my dating scan! i'm officailly 11.5 whihc is where we thought i was originally lol will upload scan pic as soon as i can image hoppe all are well HUGE HUGS Debz and lil bear!


  • Yey, so pleased for you, first milestone reached for you then. Was it all very emotional? or did you just take it in your stride?
  • Soo glad all went well for you today hun.....
    Its an amazing feeling isn't it...x x x
  • the wierdest part was the lo has grow 4 weeks in exactly 2 weeks 2 weeks today lo's measurements were 15mm dated at 7+6 this week lo was 50mm and dated at 11+5 i was stunned lil bear had grown so quick and so much. i didn't know how to react till i phoned my mom afterwards and i told her i was nearly in tears lol i've been bouncing all over the place. got 2 pics and they came out great considering it was on an empty bladder! have bladder issues at mo and can't hold much water less i'm lay down lol. doc refused to give me antibiotics till hospital proved infection! she didn't even dipp it herself image anyways my oh saw our lil bear for the first time. He had a blank face and didn't show any emotion *pouts* saw other dads walking out gazing adoringly at their lo and mine was just like meh... its alive thats all i care about image put a lil dampener on it
  • At least you can both move on now and start to plan with a little less intrepidation, keep doing what ever it is your doing then cos baby seems to be loving it!!!

    Good luck x
  • thanks JMP we were drinving back when oh suddenly said we'll have to start buying things now lol we're pretty much stocked as it is lmao there are a few bits left to get but nothing that isworth buying now lol bless him
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