I am 37/40 with my 2nd baby and am suffering with severe SPD - it is basically caused by ligaments relaxing but is a very painful condidtion, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to deal with it. I have been with physio and been fitted for support belt but this has been absolutely no help. I know that hopefully I only have to endure for another 3 weeks and I have put up with for the last 3 mths but I am really starting to feel really frazzled and worn out by it on top of everything else. I would really appreciate any suggestions or tips


  • Hi MsC,
    So sorry to hear your suffering with SPD, it's such a horrible thing to have, i suffered badly when pg with daughter last year. The support belf was no use to me either, all i can say is rest as much as possible, try not to go up stairs if you can. i found it hurt in bed the most. There is no magic wand to make it go away, sorry, at least you havent got long to go now. on a plus point, within a few days of giving birth mine vanished.
    Good luck with everything. X
  • Hey!!!

    Unfortunately for me I started suffering from SPD far too early!! I have managed to start dealing with it. Some days are good and some are just not so good at all. I have noticed that swimming helps so much.

    Did the physio give you any exercises to do? I find that mine can help sometimes and she was happy with the progress I was making. She said it wont fix me but it should help relief me from pain. Which it had!!!

    Good luck though sweety. Not too long. I'm holding thumbs for you!!!
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