Cramping anyone?

I'm 6 +6 and for the past 6 days i've had cramping, like I would before af comes.

Its not painful but it can be uncomfortable. In my pregnancy book it says its normal to feel congested...........but i have no idea how congested is supposed to feel!

DH is annoying the hell out of me saying i'm congested, like he knows everything!

I'm not bleeding, feeling wet down there though at times (tmi) I've still got terrible nausea, but my boobs aren't sore anymore.

Is anyone experiencing anything like this?

Sarah x


  • It's probably your uterus starting to stretch. It's perfectly normal so don't worry about it xxxx
  • I had rea;ly bad cramping at 6wks and due to previous mc they scanned me early. However I was reassured before and after the scan that the cramping is completely normal in early pregnancy.
    A couple of weeks later my cramping had stopped, no nausea and boobs weren't sore anymore. But again all fine. Am 15wks now and all good.
    Try not to worry, I'm sure it's fine. If you're in a lot of pain call the EPU and they will be able to give you some advice. Suz x
  • yh i had this for the first few weeks its normal xx
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